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Why Protein is Key after WLS Surgery

Why Protein is Key after WLS Surgery

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Protein is key to achieve weight loss goals

5 Reasons why protein is key after weight loss surgery  

When talking about protein, Dr. Maytorena emphasizes constantly in post-op care to achieve weight loss goals and a key to best and long term results. Whether it is chicken, beef, fish or any protein source, protein intake will have a huge impact in your body. Keep in mind that this is recommended strictly for patients that are in phase 4 of their post-op.

Today we sat and talked about post-op care after bariatric surgery with Dr. Jorge Maytorena, Head Surgeon of Long Term WLS at the Oasis of Hope hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.

Here are 5 points on why and how protein helps!

1.- First and foremost: You burn more calories.

When you consume protein your body requires more work to metabolize, to digest, and to use protein, so just by choosing protein versus another food you will burn more calories.

2.- Protein will make you feel full for extended periods of time

Here at Long Term WLS there are patients that get hungry in between meals or some that eat but they are still hungry, what Dr. Maytorena recommends it to check how much protein are they getting. Carbs will make post-op patients hungrier sooner, so Dr. Maytorena wants patients to focus on getting protein, they are less hungry, eat less therefore lose weight faster; protein will help more than you think.

3.- Protein helps your body build muscle

Another reason that Dr. Maytorena recommends protein for gastric sleeve and other weight loss surgery patients is that  protein will actually help build muscle. Besides that, muscle is important for weight loss; First, patients want to lose fat instead of  muscle and muscle is 3 times more compact than fat, so Dr. Maytorena wants patients to lose the fat and keep the muscle.

4.- Muscle burns calories more than any other tissue in the body

Muscle will actually help you burn calories and you don’t have to do anything, just by sitting  your body will burn more calories it’s actually 22% more.

5.-  Most importantly: Recommendations and acknowledgements when taking protein  

  • We lose muscle mass as we age, therefore protein consumption is key to eliminating body fat.
  • The suggested amount of protein intake is 60 to 70 grams per day.
  • Water and protein belong together, but not a the same time, remember not to eat and drink at the same time.

Dr. Maytorena is the head bariatric surgeon for Long Term WLS, with over 10 years of experience he has performed more than 6,000 successful weight loss surgeries in Tijuana Mexico.

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