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Top 6 Reasons why a Hospital is better than an Outpatient Clinic

Top 6 Reasons why a Hospital is better than an Outpatient Clinic

Top Reasons why a Hospital is better than an Outpatient Clinic

When speaking to patients who come and have Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana with Dr. Jorge Maytorena at Long Term WLS, They share many concerns when choosing a Hospital or an outpatient clinic. Here are the main points on why Hospitals are better than clinics.


1.-  24 / 7 Attention by Doctors

Nothing comes before a patient’s health and a key factor is having a safe surgery; While in a clinic surgeons who perform surgery have the best intentions, there is definitely a HUGE difference when it comes to safety at a hospital, First and foremost a Hospital offers 24/7 medical attention by certified doctors who have years of experience and are completely dedicated to provide the patients with the best care at a clinic this attention is provided by nurses.



2.- Facilities and Intensive Care

The Oasis of Hope in Tijuana Mexico provides patient care with state-of-the-art facilities, we have the best operating room to make sure our doctors have cutting edge equipment they need  to have a successful surgery. While having WLS is safe, in case of a complication

we have an intensive care unit inside the hospital so the patient can have immediate attention. If this were to happen at a clinic, the patient would have to be transported from a clinic to a hospital that has intensive care and this includes may not have the best results.

Here at Long Term WLS we have fully equipped ER, ICU, Lab and Pharmacy.


3.- Private Rooms and Special Beds

At the Oasis of hope patients are provided with their own private room with a full bathroom and shower so the they can rest after surgery knowing that no one will bother them while recovering. Patients who have WLS have special needs regarding the type of bed that they will rest on. We have beds built exclusively to ensure comfort and control. As a special perk,  the rooms also have smart temperature control so the room is always fit to the patient’s needs.

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4.- Leak Test

After performing surgery, Dr. Maytorena has to make sure that the patient’s stomach is properly stapled and recovering normally, for this there is a special test called The Leak test which is performed by having the patient drink a liquid barium solution and then having an X-ray. At Long Term WLS this test is performed right here at our facilities, different from a clinic in which the patient has to travel to the lab, this can be uncomfortable and painful.

5.- Recovery at the Hospital instead of a Recovery House

As we mentioned before, recovery after WLS is very important and constant monitoring is key to its success. Once the surgery has finished the patient is moved to their private room and cared for 24/7  right here at the hospital. It is very common that due to the size of the outpatient clinics, they do not have enough room for the patients and move them to a recovery house. The recovery houses are often far from the clinic and not well supervised by medical personnel. After surgery, what a patient needs the most is rest rather than be taken from one place to another. At a clinic patients are taken from the OR to the room, then to the leak test and then to the recovery house, this is very uncomfortable for the patients.  Here at Long Term WLS with Dr. Jorge Maytorena we take the patients straight from the OR to the room immediately and the patients remain there until they are ready to go back home.

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6.- Hygiene

If you think of anything related to healthcare hygiene is something that may worry you and you are correct. Having surgery in a place that is clean and well maintained is key to having a safe surgery, clinics that are located at plazas and other buildings have to share real estate spaces other type of businesses such as restaurants, law firms and cell phone companies that have lesser hygiene standards and may have some serious problems with rodent and insect infestation. At Oasis of Hope we have a state of the art building that is a stand alone hospital that is dedicated to healthcare in its entirety, from the lobby to the OR all of the facilities are thoroughly inspected to make sure everything is up to the highest hygiene standards.


Now that you are more informed, choose safety over price, remember that Health is priceless and paying 500 dollars more for peace of mind is a no-brainer.

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Dr. Jorge Maytorena is the leading bariatric surgeon for Long Term WLS, he and his staff offer the best bariatric program in Mexico.


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