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Bariatric hospital Mexico


Your journey includes a luxurious three-night, four-day stay at our esteemed hospital. Led by the expertise of Dr. Jorge Maytorena and Dr. Arturo Figueroa, both certified bariatric surgeons, you’ll undergo your surgery in our cutting-edge facilities, surpassing safety standards for optimal outcomes. Experience premium care at an accessible price, ensuring a transformative and comfortable surgical experience in Tijuana, Mexico.

Your well-being is paramount to us, which is why we’ve meticulously selected top-notch locations for your weight loss surgery, ensuring a safe and qualified environment.

To offer a seamless experience, all preoperative tests and analyses necessary for your bariatric procedure will be conducted in-house. Furthermore, indulge in the privacy and comfort of our exclusive rooms, designed for you and your companion to rest and recover in tranquility.

With Dr. Maytorena and Dr. Arturo Figueroa at the helm, you’re in expert hands, guaranteeing not only a successful bariatric procedure but also a serene and enjoyable stay. Trust in our expertise for a transformative journey towards a healthier you


Founded in 2022 as a center for medical innovation. New Me’s goal is to inspire medical collaboration and provide our patients with life-changing, holistic treatments that will help them achieve the best version of themselves.

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Bariatric surgery  in Tijuana Mexico: Over 20 years of experience providing top medical service.

Long Term Medical is working continuously to provide you with the best bariatric medical care, and now we are offering you additional facilities at the great dreams hospital, located in Tijuana Mexico, just twenty-five minutes south of the San Diego Airport in California.

You will receive professional and high-quality medical care from our doctors, nurses, and staff. Your whole experience during weight loss surgery and recovery is under one roof; from meeting our Leading Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena and our group of doctors, to getting all the necessary labs and test. This facility is fully equipped with the best brands and technology to perform any bariatric procedure in a safe and qualified environment. You will remain on-site in well-equipped rooms that are like you would expect in a hospital, but furnished and decorated like a quality hotel.  

Almanza Hospital offers great amenities for you and your companion. The dining room serves great and nutritious organic food, without leaving the facilities, and the chapel and garden areas are other perfect spots to enjoy a private moment or simply breathe fresh air.

Feel good, relax and recover. Long Term Medical in Tijuana Mexico will take care of everything.