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Weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico – Long Term WLS / VSG Reviews

Nicole Penney – Alberta, Canada

I’m so grateful for Dr. Jorge Maytorena and LongTerm! My life has forever been changed. Originally I was planning on getting the gastric sleeve done in my home town but after two years of jumping through hoops I was told id have to wait another year. I want to travel and enjoy the rest of my 20’s so waiting another year for my life to start didn’t work for me.

After a lot of research, I found Dr. Maytorena with Long Term VSG. From the start I knew this was the right choice. Every question I had was answered Every fear went away! Not only is Dr. M a great surgeon He is an amazing person who cares for all of us! I didn’t just have weight loss surgery, I gained a forever Family. Thank you so much for giving me a life I never thought I could have!!

❤️❤️❤️ If I could say 10000 stars out of 5 I would but that would be silly 10 out of 5-stars❤️❤️❤️

Tiffany Pittman – St. Louis, USA

I was sleeved November 12, 2015. I was going to go through my insurance until I found out that my insurance didn’t cover it. After that I got discouraged and thought I would NEVER be able to get the weight off.
After Months of research I decided to do the gastric sleeve surgery, next I needed to find the location. I started pricing it was around $10,000+. I couldn’t afford that, so I started looking at medical tourism. That’s when I found Nicole’s video’s. The first video I watched… I cried. I Knew this was where I was supposed to go.
The fact that no matter when I asked a question Dr. M or Ruben answered me INSTANTLY really made me confident in my choice. It’s been 6 months and I am 89lbs lighter!! Thank you both. Hopefully I’ll be coming there for plastics!

Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!!

Malorie Nicole Stone – Louisiana, USA

Well I was most definitely scared, excited, nervous, just a fistful of emotions when I arrived, but the staff took very good care of me. They held my hand, rubbed my back, and made me feel safe. They took very well care of me and I am blessed to have been fortunate enough to be under their care. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I hope I have an opportunity to revisit them in the near future. Amazing people!!!

They definitely receive 5 stars from me.

Katie Fairchild

Dr. Jorge Maytorena is the kindest Doctor I have had the pleasure to have come to know. His practice is a family practice that with their great care has given hundreds of men and women a second chance at this beautiful life. We women send our lives caring for others and not ourselves till our Angel Dr. Maytorena. We love you.


Allison Smith – Georgia, USA

I started my wls journey in the USA. I went through all the hoops required and was still denied. I started researching other options then someone mentioned Dr. M in a Facebook group and I looked into him. He was amazing from the beginning, a blessing in disguise! Thank you Dr. M, I’m very grateful for you and the staff working with you.
I started at 255lbs, surgery weight was 240lbs and currently I am 213lbs. Goal weight is 130-140lbs.

I give Dr. M a 5-star ratting!! Amazing Dr. and staff!!

Cindy Mallach – Canada

I had the pleasure of having my Vertical Gastric Sleeve done by Dr. Maytorena and his wonderful team in January of 2016. The care was top notch and I am continuing to lose weight and feel great! I am very happy with the Surgeon I chose and at 54 pounds lighter in 4 months I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Lapronica Nellybelle Taylor – Mississippi, USA

I am so glad I found Dr. Maytorena, he has changed my life! Before surgery I was so tired all the time, my knees were killing me.
My sleeve date was March 26,2016. It was my first time flying I was so terrified but I was going to get this surgery. Everyone there was so pleasant and nice. I was the first to go back, I was so nervous. You hear all the stories of when you wakeup, the pain is so awful and it feels like something is sitting on your chest. When I woke up I felt NO pain I had to ask the nurses if I had surgery!

Dr. Maytorena did a great job! I would give LongTerm VSG 5-stars all the way around!!

Diann Tilley – Cartersville GA, USA

I had a previous surgery which at the time was called stomach stapling. I searched a lot of Doctors… So proud I found Dr. M. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to have the sleeve or gastric bypass, I wanted the sleeve. Dr. Maytorena absolutely did a great job on my revision!
I had my surgery Aug 5, 2015. I started at 204lbs and am now at goal, 135lbs.

I would give Dr. M and his staff a 5-star plus. Thank you so much Dr. M, you gave me a new life.

Marie – Florida, USA

Hello I’m Marie, I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much to Dr. Maytorena. Thank you so much, you just don’t know how much you changed my life! I feel healthier then I have ever been and even more happy! Thank god you helped me start my journey, I’ll be forever grateful.

If I rated everything it would be 10 out of 5- stars, BEST DOCTOR EVER!

Charles Fairchild – Texas, USA

I had a good experience, I leveled off after losing 45 pounds and still don’t have to eat much to be full.

I rate them 5 stars.

Amber Warren – California, USA

VSG with Dr maytorena on 6-16-2016. Best decision ever!!!! Took 3 days included everything , I was back to work in 1 week. Could of gone back in a couple days to my desk job. Never had any pain!!! I was 230 5’4″ & by 6 months I lost 75 lbs, I never even tried or suffered it naturally came off like a miracle. I’m now 150 and loving life & wearing any clothes I want again.

Five stars

Dahlia Bridget Kadri – California, USA

Dr. Maytorena and all of the staff at long term were amazing! Had my surgery 5/26/2017 and now I am a few days post op, loving my sleeve! Follow their directions and you will have a great recovery! Shout out to my nurses for all of the excellent care after surgery! Great team, recommend Long Term WLS 1000%!

Michelle Najera- Indiana, USA

I had surgery 10/18/2016. My starting weight was 252 and i’m down to 199. I had no issues and had a really good experience. The doctors and nurses were all amazing and very helpful. I would not change it for the world. And to those who are against going to Mexico for surgeries because of danger. I felt no danger at all and would recommend it to anyone.

Rated Five Stars