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Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

At Long Term WLS, our leading bariatric surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena has developed the highest standards in results on the bariatric surgery field, he along with our team of surgeons are certified and highly recommended surgeons, their specialized technique in the weight loss procedures have been delivering long term results to many patients. At LTWLS we are prepared to offer to every one of our patients the best surgical facilities at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Where hygiene standards are paramount and we excel at patient care; We thrive on giving all of our patients the best weight loss surgery experience, especially when it comes to professional care and long term weight loss results.

Here at Long Term WLS, we guarantee real weight loss results, as a proof of it, many of our patients share their progress with us through their weight loss journey, before and after their bariatric procedures surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

It is very motivating for us and for our patients to look at testaments of change and progress; not only of how they look, but also how they feel and how their life has changed after weight loss surgery at Long Term WLS. 

Having surgery with Dr. Maytorena at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana México means that our patients endure a body and mind transformation. 

These pictures were sent to us by the patients themselves, so other patients that have started their weight loss journey and weight loss surgery applicants can see real results, we thrive on building a healthier community with our bariatric program.  Keep in mind that results may vary depending on many factors and the procedures that are performed because each one has a different weight loss expectancy.

We also have a YouTube channel with hundreds of patient testimonials, these are recorded voluntarily by our patients after they have had their procedure done at the Oasis of Hope Hospital by Dr. Maytorena. In our channel, we have patients from all walks of life sharing their surgery experiences.  

Please visit the channel by clicking here.


 If you have any questions regarding the bariatric procedures that we perform at Long Term WLS, don’t hesitate and contact us at (888) 349-4769, or apply for surgery here, once you finish filling out the application will be received and Dr. Maytorena will send the application results within 24hrs.