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Post-op care

Knowing When to call Dr. Maytorena During Recovery

When to contact Dr. Maytorena in case you are experiencing issues after surgery.  After having Weight Loss Surgery at Long Term WLS  with Dr. Maytorena there is a period of recovery and this takes time and most importantly requires patience. When you have surgery at Long Term WLS in Tijuana Mexico patients go through a strict healing diet and patients may experience discomfort and some pain while the body is healing. Time...

Why Protein is Key after WLS Surgery

[caption id="attachment_9973" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Protein is key to achieve weight loss goals[/caption] 5 Reasons why protein is key after weight loss surgery   When talking about protein, Dr. Maytorena emphasizes constantly in post-op care to achieve weight loss goals and a key to best and long term results. Whether it is chicken, beef, fish or any protein source, protein intake will have a huge impact in your body. Keep in mind that...