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Knowing When to call Dr. Maytorena During Recovery

Knowing When to call Dr. Maytorena During Recovery

When to contact Dr. Maytorena in case you are experiencing issues after surgery. wp content uploads 2018 07 Blog Website 1024x562.png

After having Weight Loss Surgery at Long Term WLS  with Dr. Maytorena there is a period of recovery and this takes time and most importantly requires patience. When you have surgery at Long Term WLS in Tijuana Mexico patients go through a strict healing diet and patients may experience discomfort and some pain while the body is healing.

Time Off

The amount of time off a patient needs  to return to normal activities can vary depending on how a patient’s body heals. Some are able to return to work within a few days and some require a few weeks. What makes the difference changes depending on factors like type of activity the job entails, age, type of surgery performed, previous health conditions and other factors.  ; in case a the type of work requires physical effort, a patient should not lift more than 10 pounds in the first 6 weeks post-op. For most weight loss patients that had gastric sleeve at Oasis of Hope with Dr. Jorge Maytorena, the initial healing period goes by quickly and patients start to see and feel progressively optimistic as soon as they perceive weight loss results.

Information is Key
Dr. Jorge Maytorena’s post-op patients will experience different and new sensations in their bodies other than any other experience they have felt before and some might feel uncomfortable or sore and would like to corroborate that what they are feeling is normal. And it normally is.

Part of having Gastric Sleeve or any other weight loss surgeries is being well informed, for this we provide our patients with all the necessary literature for post-op care where we give detailed information about the specifics of recovery, however not all patients heal alike.

Complications at Long Term WLS are very rare and thanks to Dr. Maytorena’s exceptional surgery skills we have had a very low complication ratio, however all surgeries have risks, weight loss surgery is done laparoscopically and minimally invasive, nonetheless in case you have the following symptoms you may need to call Dr. Jorge Maytorena or Ruben

Call Long Term WLS in case you have these symptoms:

  1. If the sustained heart rate is greater than 120 bpm, specifically after the first 30 days post surgery.


  1. Vomiting uncontrollably


  1. Severe abdominal pain;  pain levels should diminish as time goes by


  1. Fever and chills, most importantly if the fever is greater than 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit


  1. Redness, swelling, excessive bleeding, or leakage from the incisions


  1. Constant cough, inability to breath correctly as well as to shortness of breath and chest pains.


  1. Pain and / or swelling in feet, calves or legs, most importantly if associated with immediate shortness of breath or chest pain

Dr. Maytorena has had more than 6,000 surgeries and successful weight loss patients and is very experienced in treating post-op patients, if any of the previous symptoms occur, he will tell you what needs to be done so you feel better and recuperate adequate.

Dr. Jorge Maytorena is the head bariatric surgeon for Long Term WLS in Tijuana Mexico at the Oasis of Hope hospital in Tijuana Mexico.

We invite you to watch our patient’s testimonials in our youtube channel 

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