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The main reasons that cause people to self-sabotage their weight loss surgery

The main reasons that cause people to self-sabotage their weight loss surgery

The main reasons that cause people to self-sabotage their weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery in Mexico – Long Term WLS


wp content uploads 2017 07 POST FB LTWLS 1.pngBefore going into weight loss surgery, it is completely normal to feel some kind of fear or anxiety, we could actually say that there’s no patient without doubts or concerns related with the procedure;  if this is your case, you are not alone on this journey! Identify the source of the “fear” and fight back to make a life changing decision that will improve your quality of life and health.

What it’s self sabotage? “Self sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen.”

Being obese or overweight is more dangerous than going through surgery, if you already made the decision and have your surgeon’s approval, the rest is just putting the pieces together to prepare for your big day. Meanwhile, don’t let other people’s excuses and negativity grow a bad seed on your weight loss journey, get surrounded by people that are supportive or going on the ”same boat”.

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How to identify if I’m self-sabotaging my surgery? – Main Factors

  1. Negative attitude: It’s the way you choose to relate to your circumstances that makes life experiences positive or negative. A negative mindset before and after weight loss surgery will feed your fears and reflect on your weight loss progress. Bariatric surgery is an open window to a healthier lifestyle. It’s completely up to you to make this journey a successful or gloomier experience.
  2. Unethical competitors: Getting in contact with other bariatric surgeon/company may make you feel more confused, especially if the information they’re providing is based on negativity and persuasion to change your surgeon choice on the last minute. This psychological strategy is used to take advantage of the patient’s fear and make them change their health provider choice without making enough research.  This can also make you feel psychotic about any information related with your bariatric surgeon or procedure scheduled. How to identify them? Private messaging you to insist and persuade you to choose their surgeon or company. Constantly trashing the surgeon or company you have chosen without any proof or solid information. Some former patients from competitors are on a payroll or commission, beware of tactics.
  3. Not addressing your concerns to your main physician or surgeon: If you have questions or need more information, get in contact with your surgeon or primary physician. Other people are not certified to provide medical advice.  Keep in mind that every surgeon has different diets, techniques, follow up care, etc.  Many people  will try to discourage you, because they had a different indication from their doctor or went through a different process, but that does not mean that you are on a wrong track; follow your doctor’s advice.
  4. No support from family and friends: The reason why relatives are not as supportive as you wished is based on several factors; they base their criteria on things they have heard on the news; lack of knowledge about bariatric surgery and bariatric communities in Mexico; afraid of losing a loved family member or friend during surgery; wrong ideas about medical services in Mexico; wrong information about insecurity in Mexico; lack of knowledge about the whole process and procedure.

If this is your case, invite them to get informed! This is the only way they can know what to expect and how to be there for you while you are on this journey, most likely they will be surprise about the health improvement and personal goals you are going to achieve. Invite them to see other patient’s experiences and results, it will help them to reassure what you aim for.

Our recommendation is to maintain the calm while you prepare for surgery day. Do your research and once you have decided, get in contact with the main source of information (Surgeon/Doctor) to clear all your doubts. Be aware of people that is trying to discourage you and be able to identify when someone else is trying too hard to make you change your decision.

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