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Post-op diet plan… am I doing it right?

Post-op diet plan… am I doing it right?

Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana Mexico – Long Term WLS

…What comes after my post-op 4 phase diet plan?

A lot of people who go under bariatric surgery  to lose weight, but once they finish their post-op meal plan they don’t know what comes next or what to eat or how they can continue their new lifestyle. It’s hard to change a lifestyle but it’s never impossible, the secret here is DETERMINATION and also eating healthy and a little bit of exercise! Many times we start stalling on our weight loss progress at first it’s normal this can happen for a short period of time, what we need to do or check is:

  • What am I eating?
  • How am I eating?
  • Am I doing enough exercise?
  • Am I eating at the right time?
  • Calorie intake

These are just a few examples on what can keep you for reaching your weight loss goals. Remember that you just went through a procedure that helps you lose weight in a much faster rate, but it comes with some changes in your lifestyle.

Here are some good life changing recommendations:

  • After the first month of the surgery continue with nice long walks (30-40 mins.)
  • Make sure to know how much calories your meals have and also check how those calories a
  • Distributed within the macros (Protein, Carbohydrates and Lipid or Fat.)
  • Mix colors on what you are eating that way it looks more appetizing and you feel that you
  • are eating because you have to, more likely because you want to.
  • Its recommended to eat at least 5 o 6 times per day. (Small meals)
  • Add multi-vitamins and keep hydrating.
  • Always have a positive mind.

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