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Celebrities weight loss secret!

Celebrities weight loss secret!

Celebrities weight loss secret!

There is no shame on losing weight with surgery!… Many people that you know have been through weight loss surgery, every day, more and more people are taking this life commitment without you even know…
Why?… Bariatric Surgery is the most effective treatment for morbid obesity and health issues related with it, this is achieved removing a portion of the stomach (Gastric Sleeve, Duodenal Switch…), restricting and re-routing the small intestine to a small stomach pouch (Gastric Bypass) or reducing the sizes of the stomach with Gastric Band…
Now, if you’re wondering how is that some of your friends and family, or even celebrities suddenly lose so much weight?… We share you their secret! Yes, many of them achieve their weight loss goals changing their eating habits, enrolling in to a gym or sports routines, others try to inhibit their hunger through medication, and many other crazy methods to lose weight… But some of these options still not work for you, sometimes your lifestyle or medical conditions doesn’t allow your body lose as many weight as you which, or it takes so much time and effort to see any result…
With bariatric surgery you’ll be able to lo lose 20 to 30 pounds on the first moth after surgery, and 8 to 12 pounds per month if all the guidelines are follow… Obesity surgery is an effective tool to provide you long term weight loss results and increase your quality of life and health.

Here are some of the celebrities Who’ve Undergone Weight Loss Surgery:

• Sharon Osbourne: LAP-BAND in 1999
• Randy Jackson: Gastric bypass in 2003
• Star Jones: Gastric bypass in 2003
• Al Roker: Gastric bypass 2002
• Anne Rice: Gastric bypass in 2003
• Carnie Wilson: Gastric bypass in 1999, Lap-Band in 2012
• Ralphie May: Gastric bypass in 2003
• Patti Austin: Gastric bypass in 2004
• Graham Elliot: Sleeve gastrectomy in 2013
• Lisa Lampanelli: Sleeve gastrectomy in 2012
• Brian Dennehy: LAP-BAND in the early 2000s
• Roseanne Barr: Gastric bypass in 1998
• John Popper: Gastric bypass in 1999
• Rex Ryan: LAP-BAND in 2010
• Chris Christie: LAP-BAND in 2013
• Adam Goldstein: Gastic bypass in 2003
• Ann Wilson: LAP-BAND in 2002
• Diego Maradona: Gastric bypass in 2005
• Paul Wall: Gastric sleeve in 2010
• Charlie Weis: Gastric bypass in 2002
• William Moody: Gastric bypass in 2003
• Etta James: Gastric bypass in 2001
• Jesse Jackson, Jr.: Duodenal Switch in 2004
• Jennifer Holliday: Gastric bypass in 1990
• Deborah Voigt: Gastric bypass in 2004
• John Daly: LAP-BAND in 2008
• Khaliah Ali: LAP-BAND in 2008
• Anne Diamond: LAP-BAND in 2005
• David Lange: Gastric bypass in 1982
• Corey Harrison: LAP-BAND in 2010
• Jo Marie Payton: Gastric bypass in 1985
• Rosie O’Donnell: Gastric Sleeve in 2013
• Ron Lester: Duodenal Switch in 2001
• Joseph R. Gannascoli: LAP-BAND 2003
• Caitlin Van Zandt: LAP-BAND in 2008
• E.J. Johnson: Gastric Sleeve in 2013
• Elvis Duran: Gastric Sleeve in 2014
• Paul Wall: Gastric Bypass in 2010
• Lavell Crawford: Gastric Sleeve in 2016
• Fern Britton: LAP-BAND in 2006
• Jineane Ford: LAP-BAND in 2007
• Benedict Francis: LAP-BAND in 2009
• Mikey Robbins: LAP-BAND in 2006
• Lauren Manzo: LAP-BAND in 2011

If you’re interested in more information about Weight loss surgery, we invite you to contact us! Long Term VSG in Tijuana Mexico offers the best weight loss results, our certified team of surgeons and specialized techniques can guarantee long term results. Don’t lose the opportunity of changing your life for good!

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