At Long Term WLS/VSG, all patients are equally important

For us at Long Term WLS/VSG, all patients are valuable individuals with an equal right for the best care and service. We always work hard to provide an honest approach to their human and medical needs. They are people we respect regardless of their nationality, religion, culture, race, sexual preference or economical status.

It is our job to care, but we also do it because it gives us enormous satisfaction. To change our patients’ lives is something that makes us feel proud. When a patient says ‘Thank you’, it means we did a good job; when they walk out of the clinic with hope of a new start, we know we helped! We made a small change that will reflect on their health, their quality of life, their self-esteem, and also, on those they love.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with patients from all over the world: Australia, Europe, Asia, and mostly, the United States; they are all equally welcome to Long Term WLS/VSG for a great, warm service in our facilities in Mexico.

Our responsibility is to protect peoples’ lives. That is why we respect all lives, and we will continue to do it always, because we believe in equality and human dignity.

Thank you for believing in us, for coming from all over the world and put your life in our hands.
At Long Term WLS/VSG, we are ready to serve you.