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Things to know before WLS


Things to know before weight loss surgery – Long Term WLS / VSG

If you’re considering going through weight loss surgery or already schedule bariatric surgery, there are a few things you should know and get prepared before surgery!

  1. Arrive fasting!

    Stop eating the night before surgery, just small sips of water to avoid mouth dry. Do not eat any food or drink any liquids (except water) for 6-12 hours.

  2. Stop medications specified by your surgeon!

    Please follow the guidelines specified on your approval e-mail. If you are taking daily medications you should inform all the specifications (Name, dosage, period…) to your surgeon. Some medications can make you bleed more during surgery, interfere with anesthesia, or I.V. medications…

  3. Change your eating habits!

    Going through bariatric surgery is a serious decision and is better to know now that your body needs to prepare before and after the surgery, you need to get in contact with your doctor or a nutritionist to guide you and star eating healthier. In almost every cases, a few weeks after surgery the doctor will indicate to follow a low carb high protein diet, in order to shrink your liver and lower the risk of the surgery.

  4. Travel light!

    Prepare your luggage with few days of anticipation, you will only need personal hygiene items, one or two changes of comfortable cloth (Depending on the number of days you’re staying in hospital) and lip balm (Many patient experience dry mouth after surgery)!wp content uploads 2019 07 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE WLS 298x300.png

  5. Clear all your doubts!

    Don’t be afraid to ask, talk in detail with your patient coordinator or your surgeon so you can learn what to expect before, during and after weigh loss surgery… this will help you reduce the anxiety and fear associated.

  6. Say good bye to cigarettes!

    You definitely need to stop smoking before and after surgery, nicotine always increases the risk of the infection, wound complications, pulmonary and cardiac difficulties, also delay the recovery and healing process after surgery…

  7. Prepare your fridge!

    You’ll need to change your grocery list and stock your fridge with food that you actually eat. You will need a lot of protein-rich liquid meals, clear soups, broths, skim milk, sugar free popsicles… Stick to your pre and post operatory diet, it will be easier to maintain and keep losing weight in a healthier way.

  8. Wardrobe!

    You’ll be recovering from weight loss surgery, so your body is going to be changing a lot… You need to prepare for this changes, look for some basic outfits or garments that will fit you at various stages as you lose weight. Do not spend your money on expensive clothes; since you’ll be losing so many pounds, you may not be fitting some sizes for very long. Try to acquire comfortable and loose clothing, slip-on shoes and tennis can really help too!

  9. You’ll need support!

    Prepare and educate your friends and family to help you out during your healing process, you’ll need them during this mind and body journey… Try to join a support group, either in person or web sites!

  10. Just be prepared!

    Remember that you’re going to be recovering from surgery, so it’s very important to prepare everything you’ll need after surgery… Make sure your laundry is done, you have the right food on your fridge, your house is clean so you can make sure that you’re going to rest and hopefully recover faster to join again your everyday life…

In Long Term WLS / VSG we specialize on weight loss surgery, get in contact with us! We’ll be glad to clear all your concerns and doubts about bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico…

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