Is the Duodenal Switch (DS) the right procedure for me?

Nowadays are more types of bariatric surgeries to treat morbid obesity related diseases and as an effective way to lose weight, you might hear before about Gastric Sleeve Surgery or Gastric Bypass… But there’s way more other options according to your personal needs!


What is a Duodenal Switch surgery?

A gastrostomy is basically cutting a high percent of the patient stomach, leaving a small tube (Commonly known as “sleeve”) with an intestinal rerouting bypass. This type of surgery combines restrictive components with a malabsorptive element, which will help the patient reach a higher and lasting percent of weight loss.

Sleeve + Intestinal rerouting bypass = Duodenal Switch


How do I know the DS is the right procedure for me?

This surgery is mostly recommended for people with BMI under 40 that has really advanced or bad diabetes; patients that have to take insulin shots multiple times a day but it keeps getting worse. Most surgeons prefer to realize this type of procedure on Revision surgery patients (a second bariatric surgery), because the Duodenal Switch can be added after first sleeve of the patient as a second stage of treatment for diabetes and weight loss.


Additional Facts!

  • By rerouting the intestines without removing any portion, will help the patient to feel full faster and for a longer period of time.
  • The pyloric valve remains intact, reducing the probabilities to develop dumping syndrome, blockages or ulcers.
  • 98 percent of Type 2 diabetic’s patient had a successful improvement immediately after DS surgery which is due to the metabolic effect from the intestine switch.
  • Previous studies and many surgeon compared the Duodenal Switch with other bariatric surgeries; it was found that DS can achieve greater improvement on patients with high blood cholesterol, triglycerides and sleep apnea.
  • Duodenal Switch surgery has proven to be successful (result in at least 75% of excess weight loss) for about 85 percent of patients after 3 years.
  • The patient will have to be more vigilant about taking vitamins and minerals after surgery to avoid deficiencies.

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