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A patient’s responsibility

A patient’s responsibility

A patient’s responsibility – Long Term WLS

Weight Loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico

As health care providers specialized on bariatric surgery, we understand our patient’s needs, expectations, experience and outcome of the procedure. Being part of the medical field for many years has made us sensible to every patient’s rights and responsibilities.

wp content uploads 2017 05 1 888 349 4769 10.pngToday we want to make a friendly invitation to our readers, not just for those who have decided to change their life for good with weight loss surgery, but also to those who already had or are planning on having any other medical procedure done.

There’s no doubt that choosing an experienced, certified, and recommended doctor is crucial when it comes to your health. Checking certifications, diplomas, reviews, and results is definitely an important matter during your research, however, it’s also necessary to commit and cooperate with your health care provider’s indications. There’s always a professional reasoning behind every instruction, process or information provided to the patient. Nowadays, thanks to the internet and social media, we have more access to any kind of information you request (which it’s great), nevertheless it’s just information published out there that as a patient you really don’t know if it fits with your current health condition, personal characteristics, and lifestyle. Taking decisions about your health without consulting with a professional can jeopardize the expected result and put your health at risk.

In order to help patients and other health care providers, we share a list of responsibilities to consider before going into any medical procedure:

  • Provide complete information about medical conditions, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, pain, and other matters related with your health.
  • Follow the treatment plan recommended by those responsible of your medical care.
  • Tell your caregivers of any medications you brought from home and/or if you are planning to take it during the treatment.
  • Make sure bills are paid as promptly as possible following hospital rules and quote provided at the time surgery was scheduled.
  • Being considerate of the rights of other patients, hospital personnel and company policies.
  • A patient must be responsible of their actions, especially if they refuse treatment or do not follow the healthcare team’s instructions.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand information or instructions given.

Hope this information can help you improve any medical experience in the present or future, remember that no matter the decision you make, it’s very important to be treated with dignity, respect, and honesty. Let’s give back some of that to the ones who have been helping you improve your quality of life and health.

May all of you have an awesome day!

Long Term WLS – Weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico

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