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Post Bariatric Surgery – Weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico

Patient Resources after weight loss surgery

Going thought bariatric surgery is definitely a life changing decision; we understand you will need some support to follow up this journey, so we decided to share you the best way to stay in touch and informed to solve any doubt you might have:

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  1. It’s very important to follow step by step the guidelines provided by the Doctor, the medical prescription and the post-op diet are the key for a greater weight loss result and faster recovery.
  2. Be part of our community! Follow us on social media, specially our Facebook group; created to share any kind of information related with bariatric surgery, our team and Dr. Maytorena patient’s experience. Here you will find the answer of many of your questions. (facebook.com/groups/758719204236937/)
  3. Search in our website… Our site contains all the information related with every bariatric procedure, frequently asked questions, before and after results, online application, etc.
  4. Stay in contact trough e-mail! Send us a message to longtermvsg@gmail.com, we are glad to help you and provide the information you need.
  5. Visit our nutrition blog, we will be sharing with you some tips and advises to help you out trough this life-changing journey… (http://bariatricsurgerynutrition.blogspot.mx/)
  6. YouTube Channel! Here you will find plenty of testimonials from our patients; some of them have been recording and sharing their journey trough public and personal accounts, watching them will give you a lot of support and motivation to continue and improve your current weight loss progress after bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico. (www.youtube.com/channel/UCcJ61FuHadEOqI3VmE1DRvQ)