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Click Photo to Browse Catalog. Posted by Kelley Triplett at 1: Friday, October 3, Rose Introduction. Witherspoon Rose Culture is proud to introduce these roses into our collection! Live the American Dream by filling your rose garden with velvety red, long stemmed roses. With large, spiral blooms, this excellent cut rose will stand proudly in any arrangement. Each bloom exhibits a wide spectrum of pink hues ranging from salmon to apricot and pink kissed ivory to deep rose.

With colors that deepen in the sun and an intense fruity fragrance, this rose will excite the magic lover in all of us. Very large, voluptuous burnt orange-red blossoms invite you over to experience the tantalizingly strong fragrance of sweet rose. Long lasting blooms live up to their namesake as this rose is a show stopper!

This attention grabbing rose was given to Sir Paul McCartney by his record company to celebrate his birthday. Massive, brilliant pink blooms pull you in to experience a mesmerizing candy-like fragrance. The Wake Forest University Rose. Lastly, we have made it really easy to share these Witherspoonrose. You can also vote and comment on these coupons to improve the shopping experience of other shoppers. You may also contact us to feedback us on these Witherspoonrose. To reach this page, you can search for Witherspoonrose. Savevy is the most premium and trusted source for daily online coupons, discounts, coupon codes, free shipping, offers and savings across over thousands of stores.

We also serve shoppers from other countries like United Kingdom UK and Canada with our vouchers codes, bargains and deals. Our goal is to provide a great shopping experience to online shoppers by providing quality coupons and discounts and promote sharing of coupons and deals using our social features. Positive Punk63 Garrettsville, OH 1 review June 21, I read the reviews and wasn't sure if I should order from them, but they were the only one that carried both the roses Blanc Double De Coubert and Zephirine Droughin I wanted and a reasonable price.

I couldn't have been more happier! Both were very nice size root stocks and they arrived at the right time around late May. Blanc Double De Coubet is already blooming! Positive reeve1 Plano, TX Zone 8b 50 reviews May 4, I could not be more pleased with the plants I received, my interactions with and the support received from this company.

They offer the same old-fashioned, no questions asked support that I had been used to receiving decades ago but has become very hard to find with most large nurseries today. I placed a sizable order of about 10 rose bushes and 8 Hydrangeas. All the plants I ordered were received in good and healthy condition. One rose bush did not respond well and one Hydrangea arrived with some sprigs of green but had declined after I received it.

This was possibly due to my own overwatering or that they just didn't make it through their winter dormancy. In either case, they were replaced without question with nice, healthy plants and at no cost to me. The rose bushes were nicer than anything I had received from David Austin roses in the past 30 years of dealing with them.

All of my business will be going to Edmund's Roses from now on. I appreciate their people and the trustworthy, considerate way that they conduct business. Thank you Edmund's for making my plant ordering worry free! Negative cynthia Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, CA 1 review April 26, Posted on February 19, , updated April 26, When the Edmunds family owned Edmunds Roses, I absolutely loved being able to call and chat when I was being indecisive about which roses to get.

Pruning Roses the Witherspoon Way - Presented by Witherspoon Rose Culture

The roses I got were always healthy. The catalog looks the same but the company that owns the name now is in Minnesota, not Oregon, and appears not to grow its on roses buying them from wholesalers. Edmunds had all three of the roses I wanted, so to reduce shipping expenses I decided to order three roses from them for delivery in the winter of All three arrived with severe frost damage.

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My word was not considered reliable, so I had to take pictures of them and send the pictures. When the replacement roses arrived, only one was acceptable. The other was, again, severly frost-damaged. Again, I had to send a picture and then argue with them about whether it was damaged enough to warrant a replacement.

At that point, it was too late to try again and too late to order them elsewhere. So, I had to spend a year with an empty hole in two very prominent places in my rose garden. I called and placed the order. I wrote them an e-mail today. On April 26th, , cynthia added the following: So, clearly the company understands it has problems. After my negative post here, I got a call from a newly hired PR person who was very apologetic.

He said he'd look into why my roses hadn't shipped. I reminded him that the order was placed in November and that both roses were replacements for the frost-damaged ones from last year. He sent me a generous gift certificate for my troubles. I would like to say that this story has a happy ending. A couple of weeks later--mid-March, not optimal for coastal California--my roses arrived.

The Climbing Eden was what I ordered--a decent-quality bareroot rose. The Beverly, though, wasn't a bareroot at all but rather a skinny little cutting in a 5" pot. I have not had good luck with roses bought as cuttings, but I'll see how this does. If I have to replace it I will not use my gift certificate because I have zero faith in roses from Edmunds.

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Company representative comment on February 25, On Feb 25, 5: Hello Cynthia, I am very sorry to hear of the experience you have had. As for Edmunds we are located in Randolph, WI as listed on our catalogs. When Edmunds was purchased they were using wholesalers for roses. These are the same wholesalers and roses to this day. As for the pictures I am sorry this came off as distrusting.

There are times we do ask for pictures not because we don't believe our customers but so we can improve where we need to. In your case the request for the pictures was not from disbelief but so we could see how extensive the frost damage was. This then can let us know if just adding more packaging could resolve the problem, different packing altogether, boxes, etc As for the credit voucher, shipping, and other problems, these are very concerning to me and I will contact you directly to work on a acceptable resolution for you.

I have only ordered own root roses from them and these roses have been great. Since their bare roots have been coming from Weeks Wholesale Rose Nursery. The news is getting worse. Weeks are now owed by Indiana based Gardens Alive Inc. This is not good news for Edmunds. Should this company not survive I will truly miss this source for good own root roses. Negative warmeje Longview, WA 1 review February 26, When Edmonds Roses was located in Oregon, I ordered many roses from them and even visited their test garden and store.

The roses were always No. When they sold out and after I had submitted an order, the order was fulfilled by Weeks Roses. I thought it was some kind of joke. The roses I got from Weeks were not just weak, they were trash. They were scraggly and never thrived. I vowed to never buy from them again.

Then they apparently resurrected the Edmunds Roses name and I tried a new order. Same junk as before.

Coming Up Roses: Expert Rose Advice from Witherspoon Rose Culture

Although I had called and asked about the grade of roses before I ordered, and been assured that these were all No. If you think that I am unhappy with this company, you have understated my opinion. I have been creating a rose garden for 2 yrs now. All of them grew beautifully, were shipped nicely, and came to my home quickly.

The twilight zone took the longest to bloom like12 weeks but was magnificent once it finally did. They did tell me, they would replace it in the spring if it never took off. My "over the moon" rose tree is so gorgeous it doesn't even look real!! I have already placed my order with them for this year - 6 more roses. I am hoping I have the same luck I did last season with them.

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I am also hoping that all of the winterizing I did pays off and everything comes back healthy and happy in the spring! Thank Goodness this winter has been really nice here in Chicago so far- yay!! At last count my garden was at 27 plants, and I will be starting year 3 this spring as an obsessive novice gardener: I think their prices are amazing- I have seen bare root for double what they charge, and often they will offer free shipping when you order a certain amount!

In this case, I had to actually list all the positives, neutrals, and negatives about my experience with ordering from Edmunds to come up with a rating, and am fairly settling on a positive rating for now. The other that was advertised as own root was grafted. Roses are barely breaking dormancy, so hard to tell how healthy or floriferous they're going to be I recently bought a bare root rose from a big box store that I was SURE was dead as it took almost 4 weeks for growth to emerge.

Not going to stress about this for now. Was not notified that 1 rose was out of stock - "refund' listed on packing slip, have not seen refund as of yet. I would have liked to have been notified and given the option of substituting, refund, etc. Lackluster communication on this. I'm a fairly easy going person, and after years of mail order, especially on sales, I adjust my expectations accordingly and try not to be too hard on my ratings.

In most cases, you get what you pay for though, and this certainly applies to my experience with Edmunds. I am leaving my rating as neutral simply because of the 7 roses I ordered, only one has shoots - the rest haven't come out of dormancy and I am not sure that three of them are even alive. We will see, I guess. It is pretty warm here, I cut back the roses I already had in my garden at the beginning of May and they are already blooming like gang busters. I do know that I can't expect them to rev up that quickly a few weeks after they have been planted since they are bareroot - however, I expected some growth by now, some sign that they are alive.

I will be back to update, but as of yet I am not impressed. This is their second year and they are doing quite well. It did take them a year to produce. I do have a problem with Edmunds in that I have had 2 bare root roses that never grew. But, Edmunds never gave me a problem and gave me a credit slip to spend on another rose so I can't complain.

On June 17th, , divvajacko added the following: I haven't bought from Edmunds in a couple of years because I had a great deal of trouble getting their bare root roses to come out of dormancy. Well, they must have changed. To date I've bought 5 bareroot roses from them and it took me 2 weeks and they are growing like troupers.

I am more than satisfied with my purchase. I will look at them again in the future. On May 6th, , divvajacko added the following: Love the plant markers. I have received 5 roses so far in excellent health. Negative saltydog44 Lenoir, NC Zone 7a 1 review July 23, I hate to give them a Negative, but the downside is greater than the the upside. They have a terrific selection. There are many hard to find varieties. Customer Service personnel are generally responsive.

But the reason we are buying roses is to get beautiful plants and flowers. I ordered 9 roses last year. Four died by this spring, one in a couple of months.

I followed their planting guide carefully. They replaced one and I bought the other three replacements. At this point the other 5 were doing OK, but just OK. One of the four was the wrong rose so they sent me a replacement at no charge. Now however, all 10 roses are pathetic. New growth is spindly and sparse.

It won't hold up the few blooms and flops over. Two appear to be dead or nearly so. I have grown roses successfully in several different parts of the country. I usually am frustrated by blackspot but this time I can't get enough growth to have it! I guess I'll keep looking to try to find a supplier with the varieties AND the quality we should receive. Negative apriling Ronan, MT 1 review March 27, My first experience with Edmond's was in ordering 3 roses with the first 2 roses fine but the 3rd, though beautiful, looked different than the photo in the catalogue and had no fragrance.

When I informed them, they asked me to send a picture of the rose. After receiving it, they apologized and sent me the proper replacement the following spring, I later ordered 4 roses from them last summer, Two of the four looked fine but the other 2 looked rather dry. I did everything I could to try to help them thrive but was unsuccessful. When I emailed Edmond's about these lifeless roses, they told me that I should have informed them sooner, as per the instructions, and would not refund my money.

When I wrote back and explained that I grow many roses and moreover have recommended them to a local nursery owner who had been looking for a good rose company and that I therefore hoped that they would reconsider, they essentially said they would not change their position. I will not be ordering from them again. If this plant were fauna, it would look like an octopus. The heavy rootstock featured no less than 13 stems projecting from one side! The instructions said most plants they shipped would arrive dormant and would probably take a week or so to break dormancy.

The warm weather and the number of days in transit from Wisconsin to south Louisiana helped the plant sprout enroute. I opened the package and found about 20 pale yellowish white sprouts ready to receive sunshine and start making chlorophyll and turning green. Judging on size and vigor and the large diameter of the rootstock, not to mention the whopping root system that would choke an ox, this plant would win a blue ribbon for dormant roses at the county fair. Anybody who wants to order a rugosa rose riproaring and raring to grow, order from Edmunds roses.

They will hear from me again next year. Positive Citro Eden, MD 12 reviews March 13, I received 2 Eden Climbers today and was so elated over the quality of the roses that I promptly called customer service and ordered 3 more roses. The roots were extensive and there were many big, thick, canes! This was by far the best mail order shipment of roses I have ever received! First, they shipped in the middle of winter here.

Coming Up Roses: Expert Rose Advice from Witherspoon Rose Culture

I kept the plants in pots until thaw. One made it into early summer, the other only Spring. Second, the plants were not as robust as I was accustomed to receiving from the original Edmunds. Third, Customer Service was a bit abrupt, they did not offer to ship later I formerly received them in April and did not even offer to replace the lost plants. I will not be dealing with Edmunds Roses or Jung Seeds again.

I was quite unsatisfied with what I got. The Elina had very thin roots and tops. Only one Touch of Class cane sprouted.