Bariatric Surgery Facilities in Tijuana Mexico- TJ PLAST Surgical Center

We are an ambulatory surgery center that offers the same quality in surgical procedures that you receive in a hospital, but at a more competitive price. Patients in TJ PLAST Surgery Center in Tijuana Mexico, receive immediate and professional care with the warmth and hospitality that distinguishes us.

One of our main goals is offering you the best quality care during your weight loss procedure, TJ PLAST in Tijuana, Mexico is definitely the best choice, our standards are on par with hospitals and surgical centers located in the United States or Canada. We understand that going through weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is a very important decision for you, that’s why we always work with the most qualified team of bariatric surgeons and the best facilities in Tijuana, Mexico.

Many and most of our patients highly recommend the experience that TJ PLAST Surgery Center in Tijuana, Mexico offers, our staff is always working with the best attitudes and warm treat to every one of our patients making your stay more comfortable during bariatric surgery.We have modern certified operating rooms, fully equipped with the latest technology, meeting the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Our facilities are ready to meet the requirements for every surgical procedure we offer:

  • 2 operating rooms
  • 8 recovery rooms

The procedures that we offer includes:


To provide you a full and personalized treatment we have a boutique surgical center located here in Tijuana, Mexico that have all the equipment that you need to rest and recovering after weight loss surgery.

Because we care about you, we have two nurses and a doctor to monitor and help you during your recovery, we also have all the medical equipment that you may need during this process. Our boutique surgical center is designed to attend all the needs that may arise during your stay after bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico; we have at your disposal to make your stay more pleasant and comfortable we have in every one of our private rooms access to wi-fi, cable and air conditioning, we also have recliners in case you bring a companion with you during your weight loss surgery process in Tijuana, Mexico.